EN ROUTE _2003

Katja Loher / Karin Suter
videtion: 3'30''
with sound



With a view of the actual time horizono projection

With “en Route“ Katja Loher and Karin Suter explore the questions of truth and reality in a time when mass communication can be used as an inconspicuous weapon- from battlefields of every sort-forcing its way into our warm living rooms. And, our ability to perceive the truth is no longer just influenced, but instead, radically changed by this omnipresence. In the resulting and inevitable information overload, it becomes more difficult to believe what you see. Yet, a consumer lacks any additional information that would make it possible to form another interpretation of reality.

If this reality were to be understood as a meeting point between memory and future, it would be the memory alone, which, like the rear view mirror in a fast moving car, appears to provide the key to where we are headed. And, therefore, every future can be nothing more than a projection of the past. If we are searching for our own reality, there arises in us an expectation for an additional understanding, a reflex of the future revealing the eye as it looks back at the past. The past is not an illusion. Is it, however, more than a collection of repressed, wishful thoughts and all too grossly simplified, saturated memories?

Jean Claude Freymond-Guth, Curator, les complices, April 2003



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