Video Installation
A Laboratory with 5 Videoplanets
A collaboration by Katja Loher & Julia Sørensen





A laboratory from the view of a scientist: installations, schemes and models indicate an experiment, but what kind? Evidence shows that something happened, but what? Maybe something scary...

It seems to be about some kind of culture or genetic experiment. A hybridization, whose nature one can discover during the course of the diagramed, theoretical and practical elements: the attempt to create an "Essence Planet". A living planet, emerged through the crossbreed of man and planet.

Five models, supplemented with strange notes, sketches and evolutionary schemes demonstrate different states and aspects of this research.

Obviously this laboratory was abandoned abruptly. Things were left to their course, the mysterious scientist disappeared, maybe he got devoured by one of his creatures? The floor drawing looks like a subway map, the stops are all marked with a word. Following the path of the planets, the word combination shapes a sentence

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Installation Planetre/Essence Planet, Substitut, Berlin.