Video projection
duration: 9'30''
with sound by Asako Fujimoto





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"Somewhere Between" deals with 3 different spaces: the Bar, the Underwater World, and the Interspace. The Bar represents every day reality; the Underwater World represents fiction, the Interspace is the intersection of the two– where the bar guests and the underwater world people meet.

The 2 women from the underwater world are in charge of the Interspace. They emerge from a pool near the entrance to the bar with a special drink from the Underwater World, which they offer to the bar customers. This drink transforms the customer’s perception and thoughts and lets them enter a dream world. Suddenly, it is as if they are diving deep into the Underwater World, observing the sea life and underwater people who live there. When they resurface at the bar, the atmosphere has changed; the underwater world has mixed with reality.